Japanese Office
September 15, 2008, 11:11 pm
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Got Paper ?
May 5, 2008, 4:01 pm
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Can a US-spinoff-from-wildly-successful-UK-show be any good?

After their horrible misstep with Coupling, I was dreading what NBC would do to The Office.
I was very surprised to find a show that is, well, truly good.

The US-made Office starts out exactly like the british one but then slowly branches out in a style of its own. A style that is mostly based on quirkiness, some awkwardness (a-la Curb Your Enthusiasm) and unexpected moments of humanity. Yes, you will be moved in The Office, when you least expect it. Because, unlike most other sitcoms, the writers realize that their characters are human. Yes, they’re goofy, stupid, hot, eccentric, annoying, funny, obsessive, geeky and dumb but they’re also inherently human and will often surprise you with their layers. They’re not one-dimensional like Joey on Friends, or Kramer on Seinfeld (one-dimensional). They’re fully grown human beings, with all shades of grey.

God, this sounds like I’m talking about an HBO drama here. What I mean to say is that the show is freekin’ funny and you should give it a chance.

In my humble opinion, the show reaches its nirvana around mid-season 2. So stick around before you drop it.