2008 Highlights – Music Edition

The list is not in any preferential order — Song previews will expire eventually, so don’t be bummed if you get an error message — If you read this off facebook, you may not be able to see the music player.


HIGHLIGHTS IN MUSIC : Live and/or Recorded

Portishead (album: third — for being gently psychadelic and violently catchy at the same time)
(live tour and best b-side ever — for being the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life and giving us the gift of Bangers and Mash)
The Luyas
(album: faker death — for being so delicate you could break them)
(album: parlovr and live shows — for being the catchiest act in town)
(album: Microcastle — for being just great)
Aimee Mann
(album: @!#!@$ Smilers — for being  both compelling and lyrically fascinating)
Sigur Ros
(live tour : despite my general disinterest in their last album, their live show delivered the most emotional 10 minutes I’ve ever experience in my concert-going life)
Benjamin Biolay
(album: Trash YéYé and live tour —  for being so subtle and referential on his new record, and for delivering a surprisingly rocking live performance) (myspace)


ALSO : Non-2008 releases that graced my ears

King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King
Philip Glass – Glassworks , Symphony #3 & Kronos Quarter Performs Philip Glass
Panda Bear – Person Pitch
Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden
Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
Bob Dylan – Modern Times


Don’t forget the lyrics
August 18, 2008, 2:11 pm
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With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly…

Here it is. Glorious. The first sigur ros single from their forthcoming album. It’s called – and we all know what that means – Gobbledigook. The band made it available for free on their website at

All I can say is that it sounds nothing like their usual repertoire : it’s more agitated, has an acoustic feel and is very rhytmic and fast. We’re miles away from what is expected of them.

I felt a lot of animal collective vibes (especially from the sung tungs era) and I don’t mean that in a bad, they-plagiarized-them, way. I mean it in the most exciting way ever ! Sigur ros sounding like animal collective. That’s like heaven on earth.

Enjoy a listen

PS: the title of this post is the translation of the upcoming album’s name (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust). And by the way, we get a treat on that album : their first song in english !!