My body is a cage (once more)
January 25, 2010, 3:34 pm
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Arcade Fire’s My Body is a Cage.

A fabulous song to start with…
…and now a fabulous cover by a fabulous man (Peter Gabriel).

That’s a wholotta fabulous !

Listen here

January 25, 2010, 3:21 pm
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If that’s not uselessly awesome, I don’t know what is…

FYI this is a a movement-tracking interactive LED wall in Montreal.

The Hoof and the Heel
January 18, 2010, 4:12 pm
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I have a very good feeling about a new montreal folk band called The Hoof and the Heel. I have only heard them on MySpace so far, and am planning to go see them live pretty soon.

The song “Fireworks” is an instant-grabber. It sounds like Sufjan stevens and Arcade Fire’s nephew stuck together on a high-energy trip.

Listen here :

This title will not feature a wordplay on “clue”
January 7, 2010, 3:59 pm
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For obscure reasons I won’t get into now, it took me a few months to listen to Montreal rockers Clues.
I can’t say I regret having waited so long. Pleasure delaying always worked for me, and this time was no exception.

Their self-titled album is simply stunning.

Why I loved it so much is hard to say. Could it be that my very low expectations were shattered? or is it the fantastic production work by Radwan Moumneh ? or maybe just the catchy hooks that inhabit every single song on the record ?

I don’t care, and neither should you. Just head to their myspace and listen to the tunes for yourself.
trial track : Remember severed head.

Wooden telegraph
May 11, 2009, 3:36 pm
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I had a 500-word review written about the new patrick watson album. Somehow it got erased and I’m too lazy to re-write it. so let me just sum it up in telegraph format.

album is inspiring. STOP. ‘beijing’ is arguably the best song they’ve written. STOP. Percussions are awesome and give the album a feeling of utter originality. STOP. whole is way bigger than the sum of the parts. STOP. I love it.

Listen to these two tracks, that will speak way more than any review :

Fireweed :
Beijing :

August 9, 2008, 2:16 pm
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35,000 people gathered in the mud, under the rain…
An hour to get in. Another hour to get out.
Sounds like an ordeal, doesn’t it ?

Well, let’s just say we deserved it. It’s almost a sin to watch radiohead perform during two hours. You have to be punished somehow 🙂


Last night’s concert was, as my previous post suggests, many things. Unspeakable things. I even found myself uttering these words during the concert : ” Its.It’s.It’s… It’s !”. There were really no words to describe what we were witnessing. I was at their concert at Place des Arts in 2006, and, frankly, this one topped it in every way possible and it wasn’t a close call!

First of all, I don’t recall ever hearing a better live sound in my life. It was crystal clear (very hard to achieve outdoors). We could hear every minute detail and Thom Yorke’s voice was godlike, surfing over the music. Every nuance, every crack, every breath could be heard. And let me tell you something : this almost never happens. I can’t recall the last time I thought the sound was good at a gig. Let alone great.

The light bubble thingies hanging on the stage were the most innovative, beautiful and appropriate set decorations I’ve seen in my whole concert-going life. They were simply magical. The screens in the back added to the visual pleasantness. Overall, the concert was an unparalleled sensual experience.

Now on to the music. The setlist was really a sort of balance between the softer songs and the electro madness songs. Some rock anthems were thrown in, but they faded next to the majesty of the rest.I guess we can say the concert was very In Rainbows in attitude. Fans will know what I mean…

Highlights of the evening were :

  • Morning Bell, with an added section featuring a hypnotic vocal duo between Thom and Ed.
  • My Iron Lung, with the first light explosions of the evening that had us all go “Yeah” !
  • The majesty and restraint of Nude
  • Thom dancing freneticly on The Gloaming
  • La Ronde Fireworks going off during National Anthem (much to the band’s dismay)
  • “Because we separate…” during Reckoner was intense.
  • Piano-Bass version of Like Spinning Plates. Unrecognizable.
  • Thom :”If you’re feeling cold you can always grab someone next to you”. Then Phil went to hug Colin
  • Idiotheque‘s fabulous new version. Top Notch.
  • Thom is interrupted by fireworks and a loud scream during Faust Arp. He starts laughing in mid-song. Crowd is delirious.
  • Paranoid Android ! need I say more ? Yes I need to. The lighting on that one was out of thie world, with rhytmic explosions of color.
  • The uber-fabulous Bangers and Mash, with Thom on drums (and, if you didn’t know him, you would think he was on acid too) . Why, oh, why wasn’t that song included on In Rainbows ?
  • Karma Police : Most moving moment of the night. 35,000 people sing along. “This is what you get”. Unity. Beauty. Then, Thom realizes the majesty of the moment and hangs around at the end to accompany the crowd with his acoustic guitar. then leaves the stage, ending the encore. My heart skipped a few beats in that one…
  • You and whose army ? : The most creepy live moment of my life. Thom York’s eye was being filmed from atop and he was trying his best to look intense and scary. In the end, realizing he was doing too much, he starts laughing… 🙂
  • When you least expect it (i.e. after 24 songs), Everything in its right place enters and ends the show with an explosion of awesomeness and a light show from heaven, spelling out the lyrics.

It was hard to reduce the highlights list. But, what can I say, this is a Radiohead concert. Every note is a highlight.


To close off this long review, I’ll have to say that someone has yet to top Radiohead. They’re still the best band around and I don’t see any band out there that can remotly claim their throne…


Check out the setlist here

HD videos on yutube (excellent quality — thank you mr. Bootlegger)
My Iron Long
There There
Jigsaw Falling into place
Fake Plastic Trees
15 Steps
All I need

NB: did I mention that rainbows appeared in the sky right before their set? You can’t get more appropriate than that ! It’s almost cheesy…

last night
August 7, 2008, 12:20 am
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more to come…

Wolf Parade
August 4, 2008, 4:11 pm
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I was never the biggest fan of Wolf Parade, nor was I ever their smallest. I greatly (and I mean greatly) appreciate their talent, but something about their music just doesn’t connect with me on an emotional level. My appreciation of them is strictly technical.

Regardless, I was impressed by their show last night at metropolis : setting aside the crazily entertaining songs, amazing vocals (so rare these days) and totally fresh dynamics, I was mostly happy about the fact that the whole thing felt like a bar concert from a start-up band. And I mean that in the best way possible : no stage decoration, no fancy lights, no custom-made apparel or flashy gear. It was just them, with their instruments, rocking out. This is the way rock should be and this is the way it isn’t nowadays. So Hats off for them !

And for that, I will listen more and more to their music to try and “connect” with it. Because they clearly deserve my attention and I feel bad for not giving them more of it.

Enjoy Call it a Ritual, a great song from their new album