What lies in the shadow of the statue…
May 15, 2009, 10:42 am
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… doesn’t matter.

what matters at this point is that there are people in this world so inspired, so focused and so well-read to come up with a show like Lost, sustain it for 5 years, and still generate thrills, interest and unflinching attention.

Instead of writing a review of this season’s glowing finale, I will just salue the work of what is arguably one of the best team of writers (see picture above) to ever grace the TV world. Showrunners and head of the writing team Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, have taken the show from what was a “great sci-fi series” in 2005 to what has now become a genre-defining, boundary breaking show, that challenges not only the established dogmas, but also expands beyond the small screen into a whole world of interactive bliss.

I have no doubt that next season is going to be great, no matter how they end it. It doesn’t matter what the end is. The ride is just such a joy. and we can count on the writers to impress us once more…

Lost 506 – “316”
February 20, 2009, 12:47 pm
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I know I didn’t post last week, but I also know you’ll forgive me…

This week, I want to do something different. I’ll post my new short-term theories, after watching this week’s episode. you may not fully understand what I say, because there simply is no way to talk about this show in a coherent manner.


  • Hurley, Jack and Kate (+ possibly sayid and sun) flashed to 1970s-dharma-time BUT the plane and the other passengers (ben included) actually crashed in the present time (roughlhy january 2008). So they were split up in time, one group in the past and one group in the present.
  • I know that the plane DID crash, which explains the Ajira waterbottle on the beach that we saw when the island-losties (sawyer, juliet etc…) took the canoes in the future.
  • Now we know that Juliet shot someone on that canoe , I guess it could just be one of the new characters they briefly introduced (the marshall and the “my condoleances” arab guy)


  • The way the time shift works is that Richard alpert and the others are not experiencing it. (he says to john locke : “we didn’t dissapear john, you did”).So for them, time goes on normally in 2007/2008 while our people are time shifting .
  • So I think the others are going to meet up with ben and the new characters. jack and co are going to be shifting wih sawyer and co…
  • by the way, I’m almost conviced that Daniel is the one who created the pendulum. There was a sort of pride in mrs hawkin’s voice when she was talking about who created it etc.. Also, he knows where the wheel is (first scene of the season) and according  to charlotte, he may be way older than we think (he was on the island when she was a child)
  • This season is going to be about time syncing up again and I bet daniel is going to be the one who solves it, with all his physics background and stuff.
  • Desmond will also come back, hopefully with aaron, later this season or early next season, and start the epilogue process.


  • This episode left so many lose ends : what did ben go do ? why is he bruised ? Why did Kate suddenly decide to come ? What did she do with aaron ? Where is Sun’s daughter ? and how did she so easily abandon her ? How did Hurley get convinced ? What happened to sayid and why is there a police marshall with him ? Who is that creepy guy on the plane with them ? How did Lapidus end up being the pilot of this plane ?
  • My take is that these stories are going to be the flashbacks of this season. Now they can’t do flash-forwards anymore…
  • I have a little guess to propose : Ben went to kill Penny (promise to his “old friend” widmore but it got complicated. He may have killed little charlie in the process.

I could go on for hours. but I’ll stop now.

Lost 504 : The Little Prince
February 6, 2009, 10:14 am
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Man does this show blow my mind every week.
Great plot twists this week, but also great character development. The perfect combo.

highlights :

  • why do we suddenly think Sun is a huge C*nt ?
  • Ben, again, shows off how impressively powerful he is (on or off-island). He has connections everywhere and I did not see that lawyer thing coming. They all fooled us with Claire’s Mom.
  • Sayid kicks some serious butt in that hospital
  • Sawyer gets emotional. I almost laughed at some of the facial expressions he had this episode. He is Kate’s true love. and he deserves her. Even though I’d dig some Sawyer/Juliet action. Also, that scene in the woods, where Claire gives birth, was very strong (and the genius of it is that it also acted as a reinforcement of how attached to Aaron Kate is. she actually delivered him).
  • Jin !!! Jin ??? 50 years go ?? Danielle Rousseau ? Wait, he’s not dead ? Crazzzzyyyyyyyy
  • Nosebleed fest. The “real world” gang had better make it before hte 70 hours run out. It seems like the nosebleeds are occurring in order of “how long you were on the island”. So logically : Charlotte—-Miles—–Juliet—–and next up is sawyer and Locke. Daniel, I guess, is safe because he has a constant (Desmond).
  • Again, Danielle Rousseau ! Now that’s a smart way to bring her back in the picture. I can’t wait to learn more about her group, and WHY they are here. We now know she wasn’t lying about their boat being stuck in a storm. But where they aiming to reach the island or not ? Obviously we had all guessed it was her the second we heard french.
  • If you hear carefully, you can hear a recording of the numbers on the french teams radio. Danielle had said that the numbers were transmitting and they had caught it on radio. Again, she wasn’t lying.
  • I guess something was cleared out in this episode : whatever objects you are holding/touching travel in time with you : the kayak, Jin’s “debris” raft, the clothes, etc… even though they may not even exist in the time period you travel to.
  • A new airline/ From India. I bet they’re Dharma people that came back to island. This scene was in the future and we’re going to see more of it. Also, Juliet shot at them and I’m sure I saw someone get hit. I’m sure we’ll see that scene in a later episode and find out who Juliet Killed. I just hope it’s not someone we love.
  • Great ending cliffhanger : Danielle, Sun’s gun, time is running out, etc… can’t wait for next week. I just hope Ben doesn’t die. He could (they don’t need him alive, they just need his body on the island, just like Locke’s).
  • Line of the episode : “Time travel’s a bitch!”

there’s more, but I don’t feel like writing more. 🙂

Lost 503 – Jughead
January 30, 2009, 9:43 am
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Yet another great lost episode this week. my highlights below :

  • Damn ! Widmore was part of the others ! that’s very exciting. Now what happened? why did he go back ? was he kicked out ? Why does ben want him away from the island ? and what’s his relationship to dharma ? A whole new chapter opens and I have a feeling we’ll know about all this in this season.
  • Damn ! The US military used the island in the 50s to test the h-bomb ? How did they get access ? Yet another can of worms. That explains that US army knife back in season 2.
  • Desmond has a child !!
  • The others don’t know about the island’s time properties + There definetly is a way out of the island (but it’s “privileged information”) We’ll find out soon enough…
  • A f***in h-bomb on the island ! What if they buried it under the hatch and that’s what the button was protecting them from ? until it exploded…
  • Is faraday a abandonning asshole ? there must be more to the story of that girl. Also, Widmore funded his research !!
  • I think it’s safe to say that Mrs Hawkings is Faraday’s mom in LA.
  • Faraday’s love confession was the cutest thing ever. What a weirdo that guy.
  • Best line this episode : “Jacob sent me”. Way to shut richard’s mouth and flabergast him !
  • Charlotte’s obviously not dead. She’s too good a character to shut out. And we need to find out about her past. My take : she’s was born in the rousseau days.
  • I have to say it again : Widmore is an other !! with that info, he could not be so evil after all, and all he wants is what everyone wants : go home. But I’d rather he be evil.

There we go. Can’t wait for another one.

Lost 501-502 : Because you left / The Lie
January 22, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Lost is back. This is big enough to make you forget about obama for a couple hour
It’s still building up that momentum from that incredible 4th season and, mere seconds into the first episode of the 5th season, your mind is already swelling up and ideas are forming.

You can say what you want about lost, and their time travel craziness, but you can’t say that it’s not a clever show. I’m still surprised at the number of people who watch it.

Highlights from last night :

  • Marvin Candle’s – or should I say Dr Chang – studio. Are all the dharma videos as fake in content as they are in visual ?
  • All the time travelling. God this was exciting. I wanted to go back to a time where the 4-toed statue was full. maybe soon…
  • the fact that many people in the real world seem to know about the island (ben’s butcher friend, mrs hawkings, widmore, abbadon, etc…). I smell a conspiracy.
  • The return of Mrs. Hawkings with her usual weirdness
  • Desmond and Faraday’s scene whose sole purpose was to further confuse us on “the rules”
  • Locke
  • Charlotte getting “constant” symptoms
  • charles widmore making me want to slap him once again
  • Ben being his usual calm and cunning self.
  • Hurley’s stupid stupid (or is it?) act of surrendering to the police.
  • Sun’s georgousness.
  • Anna Lucia’s guest appearance.
  • the flamethrower’s attack and the mystery surrounding who they might be. Dharma ?
  • Hurley’s confession scene with his mom. so beautiful and hurley is the nicest guy ever. Kudos to Jorge Garcia for a perfect interpretation of that scene.
  • Sayid’s scotch tape on the door
  • Neil (frogurt’s) death ! What an annoying annoyance he was !
  • best line of the episode : “why is there a dead pakistani on my couch?”. It was totally hilarious.
  • sawyer’s slap to daniel, who was reluctant to give answers (as he always is)

and more that I can’t even think of right now and will add as they come back to me…

Viva !
July 21, 2008, 10:09 am
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I’ve listened to the new album many times now and can safely say that I like it.

I was never a big fan of Coldplay but, as I said it in a previous post, I’ve always respected their role in the music scene : bring the underground forward to the mainstream. They do it again here, by having an album full of rather progressive songs that are somwhat demanding from the audience, especially if you consider how easy to listen their previous albums where.

The gem of the album is a song called 42, which manages, in just about 4 minutes, to be a full-blown progressive song, with 5 major switches of feeling/melody/time. Another highlight would be Yes, that suddenly fades out and back in for a whirlwind of niceness. Other highlights include the groovy, RnB influenced Lost? and Violet Hill, the first single off the album.

I’m glad coldplay saved their carreer and I cannot end this post without clearly giving credit to Brian Eno, whose production work on the album is outstanding and who’s influence is felt in every note. He saved coldplay from the abyss they were in after the disastrous X&Y.

Enjoy 42 and Lost! these two songs from a live performance on the daily show…

Lost 4.13-14 : There’s no place like Home (parts 2 and 3)
May 30, 2008, 5:07 pm
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there are many three-letters combinations that will very well sum up how I felt : WOW, OMG, WTF, LOLETC


Here are random reactions (the ones I can remember)

  • Sawyer has grown into a complex, interesting and touching character. I love that !
  • Great start : they kill off the freighties in the first 15 minutes. I was NOT expecting that at all. I thought they were going to be central to the episode.
  • Damn ! Sun’s screaming was heartbreaking
  • Tour de force by Ben this episode. He did it all : Smirk, irony, emotion, craziness, mystery. He was so good in this episode, that he even made me cry when he turns the wheel. What a sacrifice !
  • Two awesome BEN lines : 1 ) -Locke : “How deep is this hatch!!???” – Ben, after long pause : ” Deep” ; 2 ) Locke :” you just killed everyone on that boat” – Ben, after other long pause : “So?” HAHA Priceless!
  • Damn ! the island fucking dissapeared AND the sky turns white again (electromagnetism again…)
  • Charlotte, by saying two words, has become one of the most interesting characters to watch for next season
  • jack made some terrible choices in this episode and looked pretty out of it the whole time. I love that Jack.
  • Great to see the end of that flash-forward scene with Jack and Kate.
  • Penny/Desmond reunion : touching and sincere. Unexpected too.
  • No Jacob. That’s fine.
  • How the heck did Malcolm David Kelly (actor playing walt) grow so much in two years?
  • That orchid video was a bit confusing. But it does confirm time travel shit.
  • Locke in the coffin ! I was not expecting that at all ! I was rooting for ben.
  • Is michael dead? Jin ? I guess this wouldn’t be the first time they explode in mid-sea in a finale and don’t die…
  • YAY ! Locke is the all-powerful leader of the others !

Wow, I can’t remember much more, but I know I have barely covered 50% of the episode. I’ll try to remember more and come back to add them 😉

The end of EVERYTHING ! (slight exageration)
May 29, 2008, 7:07 pm
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tonight is the lost finale. Can I hide my excitement ? NA-AAH !

I’ll post my reactions tomorrow.

For those of you who have never seen this video below : it was released last year in july (2007) as a gift for hardcore fans. Just to show you that they do indeed plan ahead and know what they are doing. I’m almost sure we’re going to see that video again tonight, in a more detailed, non-outtake-y way….

Lost 4-12 : There’s no place like home (1)
May 16, 2008, 2:15 pm
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There’s not place like home indeed.
What a rewarding episode, considering it’s just part 1 of a 3-part finale. I was expecting merely a setup episode, which I got – but with so much more.

  • The reason why this works well, is that, while being strictly a setup episode when it comes to on-island action, there’s a lot going on in the flash forwards. How rewarding is it to see the survivors come back home, see their families and loved ones (expect for kate — sad)! Not to mention the numbers coming back, sayid and nadia’s reunion, Sun’s amazing faceoff with her dad, and jack finally finding out about claire ! Wow ! this felt like a series finale.
  • I’ll add that awkward press conference, where the survivors are giving the other ashamed looks as they perpetuate the lie… very powerful scene. These Oceanic corporate dudes are creepy, and seem to be tied to the army. Charles Widmore has got to be behind all this.
  • Also great was the appearance of the Others. the real ones. the badass ones. Finally we’ll start getting a sense of who they are and whether they have four toes or not (!). Maybe we’ll even get a glimpse of the temple.
  • the orchid is finally here ! Can’t wait to  see how that whole thing turns out.  How do you “move” the island ? Are we going to see a new Marvin Candle video ? and what about those rabbits ?
  • one of the best moments : Sun stands up to her father with that amazing assertive look of hers. She looks gorgeous in that scene by the way
  • Best Line (not sure about the exact quote) : “How many times to I have to tell you John, that I ALWAYS have a plan”.

It seems like there are like 50 storylines to follow during that finale, all of which are really intense and promising : the freighters and C4, jack and sawyer heading to the orchid, Ben surrendering, Locke going rogue, sun trying to escape the ship (Michael), Kate and Sayid being “arrested” by the others… not to mention all the oceanic flash forwards

and WHO IS IN THAT COFFIN ? It’s about time we found out. I have a feeling it’s going to be ben (which doesn’t mean that his character is out of the show)….

Lost 4-11 Cabin Fever
May 12, 2008, 3:45 pm
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Locke, the survivor child....

Random reactions to the epidsode :

  • Locke’s flashback : excellent. The birth was great. Not to mention Richard showing up (again, no aging happening) and Abbaddon going all creepy on him. So locke is special in more ways  than we thought and was clearly chosen from the start. Didn’t ben experience a similar type birth (premature, in the woods) ?
  • Claire was beyond spooky. I love the direction they are going with her. She was so plain as a character. Now she’s actually menacing. Oh and I think she’s been dead since the explosion.
  • No Jacob, but still we got Christian as a spokesperson and the amazing “let’s move the island”. We now have confirmation of a long-discussed theory : the island can move ! Which also explains why Widmore can’t find it anymore in 2005. the coordinates changed because of what Locke will do.
  • Badass Keamy ! I wonder who will kill that bastard.
  • The doctor : so what’s the deal with that. He gets his throat slit after someone tells him that he was found on the island with his throat slit. haha it seems like 31 minutes of delay is an understatement. There is much more delay than that with the island. Maybe 1 day and 31 minutes. We’ll find out soon….
  • Michael is kinda useless for now. I hope this character gets more in the game during the finale. Maybe he saves the day and redeems himself.
  • I like the idea of Lapidus working for our people and helping them out. Obviously at least 2 of the 4 freighties will die by the end of this season. I hope they kill off miles and lapidus. I like Charlotte and daniel.

I want to see the Temple in the finale and I want richard to take his shoes off so we can check if he has 4 toes ! 🙂