“This is intense shit” part 2
August 14, 2008, 10:58 am
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I was at it again last night, watching a 35mm Kubrick screening . This time, it was one of my long-time favorites, a film that changed my life when I first saw it ten years ago.

The Shining is one of those “horror” films that flirts with comedy, without ever crossing the line. It’s almost never funny, but I swear whenever Jack gets angry, I think : “if he has played it a tad more extreme, it would’ve been like Anger Management“. But it’s not, and that’s where Kubrick legendary actor direction comes in : he knows exactly how much terror/anger/joy to show on screen. It’s always the right ammount and yet, always feels so deliciously innapropriate. Shelley Duvall does the weirdest facial expressions, and seems to exxagerate every emotion but, I buy it (I would like to think that, faced with this situation, my expressions wouldn’t be more graceful….)

Anyhow, the thing I like most about this film is the incredible sense of pace. The movie builds up tension like no other I’ve seen (except maybe the recent 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days) and reaches a peak that very few films ever do. By the end of the film, my feet were tired from jittering and I had bitten all my fingernails off (and that was my 10th time watching that film). The actor’s performances has everything to do with this tension. The trio is outstanding, and Danny Lloyd is one of the best child actor ever to grace the screen.

Of course, we need to mention the cinematographical importance of this film : this was Kubrick’s first use of the Steadicam (I think) and what a use ! He really changed the face of cinema with this technique and this film illustrates that perfectly. The cinematography is such a success, ranging from erraticly symmetrical shots to fast-moving camera pursuits. It’s like being in a the mind of someone with OCD. Troubling !

One last note : The music – a mix between an original (and crazy) compositions, and a few classical pieces – is probably responsible for half the tension created in the film. What a great soundtrack! I’m not surprised : Kubrick’s soundtrack are always the most effective.

Enough said.
This is not Kubrick’s masterpiece, but it’s definetly a film that will resonate for many years to come. It’s a great experience to watch it, and it gets better every time.

PS: Did I mention the ending is legendary and will have you think it over for years ? I’ve now reached a point where I have a somewhat satisfying theory. I’m glad I do, but somewhere deep inside, I miss the clueless me…

“This is intense shit”…
August 8, 2008, 12:22 am
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…these are the first words i uttered after watching Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (on 35mm print mind you) tonight. I had seen it previously in my late teens, and didn’t think much of it.I thought it was overhyped. God, I was wrong !

Today, I realize the genius of it. It must be totally cliché to say that this an wondrous work. but guess what ? It is.

Nothing I say can give it justice nor can it change the simple fact that YOU CAN’T DIE WITHOUT SEEING THIS. Everything about it is so perfect, that I’d better leave it at that and wish you a nice day.