Toy Story : The Dark Knight
October 8, 2008, 10:41 am
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The Batman is Alive and Well.


Saw it last night. loved it.
It took me like 45 minutes to get sucked in properly, but after that, I was totally taken.

Highlights :

  • Every scene with the joker. I thought Heath Ledger’s performance could’ve been overhyped, but it wasn’t! he deserves every praise he’s getting. Most notable are the hospital scene, the prison scene and the now-infamous knife pencil disappearing act.
  • The good/evil themes explored very very intelligently. They didn’t feel old and overdone. They actually felt fresh. Batman’s dilemmas are actually interesting to follow.
  • The many plot twists : Two-Face becoming part of the plot, Rachel dying, Gordon’s “death” etc…
  • Everything that remotely has to do with makeup.
  • Maggie Gyllenhall replacing lamo Katie Holmes. Thank god !
  • Morgan Freeman’s hilarious facial expressions
  • Christian bale : best batman of the bunch.

Still can’t get over the batman voice, the numerous cityscape shots, the lame sonar thing and the mayor’s eyeliner, but I won’t use it against them 🙂

Overall, a very satisfying film that I would recommend for a good night out.

Note : Saw it in Imax. Unfortunatly, only a couple scenes are made for Imax. They’re nice, but not that impressive. So it’s not really worth it…