The best couscous movie ever !

Just saw one of the best films I’ve seen in years. It’s called La Graine et le Mulet . It’s simply a marvelous, human, humane, true, scarring, grabbing film. No wonder it won all major french awards and is on its way to win many many more.

The movie is two hours and a half long and I swear, It feels like 35 minutes and you leave the movie angry that you didn’t get 2 more hours to spend with these people.

The characters are so rich, interesting, layered and, most of all, so genuine. I was so moved by this simple story of an old construction worker who wants to “recycle” himself by opening a couscous restaurant on a boat. The movie is full of 10-minute-pointless-dialogues about nothing (think seinfeld without the jokes), 20 minute belly dance scenes, and moments of utter silence. Sounds boring ? How could THAT be a great film ? Well, there you have it : a film who manages to shatter the line between the auteur film and the mainstream thriller. Yes, the film is so suspensful, that you end up asking yourself how/why you were on the edge of your seat during pointless blabber at the dinner table. It has everything to do with the brilliance of the script, the genius of the directing and acting and the finesse of the camera work.

Don’t miss that film if you call yourself a film enthusiast. If you don’t call your self that, don’t take it as a reason not to go see it ! 🙂