What lies in the shadow of the statue…
May 15, 2009, 10:42 am
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… doesn’t matter.

what matters at this point is that there are people in this world so inspired, so focused and so well-read to come up with a show like Lost, sustain it for 5 years, and still generate thrills, interest and unflinching attention.

Instead of writing a review of this season’s glowing finale, I will just salue the work of what is arguably one of the best team of writers (see picture above) to ever grace the TV world. Showrunners and head of the writing team Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, have taken the show from what was a “great sci-fi series” in 2005 to what has now become a genre-defining, boundary breaking show, that challenges not only the established dogmas, but also expands beyond the small screen into a whole world of interactive bliss.

I have no doubt that next season is going to be great, no matter how they end it. It doesn’t matter what the end is. The ride is just such a joy. and we can count on the writers to impress us once more…

Lost 4.13-14 : There’s no place like Home (parts 2 and 3)
May 30, 2008, 5:07 pm
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there are many three-letters combinations that will very well sum up how I felt : WOW, OMG, WTF, LOLETC


Here are random reactions (the ones I can remember)

  • Sawyer has grown into a complex, interesting and touching character. I love that !
  • Great start : they kill off the freighties in the first 15 minutes. I was NOT expecting that at all. I thought they were going to be central to the episode.
  • Damn ! Sun’s screaming was heartbreaking
  • Tour de force by Ben this episode. He did it all : Smirk, irony, emotion, craziness, mystery. He was so good in this episode, that he even made me cry when he turns the wheel. What a sacrifice !
  • Two awesome BEN lines : 1 ) -Locke : “How deep is this hatch!!???” – Ben, after long pause : ” Deep” ; 2 ) Locke :” you just killed everyone on that boat” – Ben, after other long pause : “So?” HAHA Priceless!
  • Damn ! the island fucking dissapeared AND the sky turns white again (electromagnetism again…)
  • Charlotte, by saying two words, has become one of the most interesting characters to watch for next season
  • jack made some terrible choices in this episode and looked pretty out of it the whole time. I love that Jack.
  • Great to see the end of that flash-forward scene with Jack and Kate.
  • Penny/Desmond reunion : touching and sincere. Unexpected too.
  • No Jacob. That’s fine.
  • How the heck did Malcolm David Kelly (actor playing walt) grow so much in two years?
  • That orchid video was a bit confusing. But it does confirm time travel shit.
  • Locke in the coffin ! I was not expecting that at all ! I was rooting for ben.
  • Is michael dead? Jin ? I guess this wouldn’t be the first time they explode in mid-sea in a finale and don’t die…
  • YAY ! Locke is the all-powerful leader of the others !

Wow, I can’t remember much more, but I know I have barely covered 50% of the episode. I’ll try to remember more and come back to add them 😉

The end of EVERYTHING ! (slight exageration)
May 29, 2008, 7:07 pm
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tonight is the lost finale. Can I hide my excitement ? NA-AAH !

I’ll post my reactions tomorrow.

For those of you who have never seen this video below : it was released last year in july (2007) as a gift for hardcore fans. Just to show you that they do indeed plan ahead and know what they are doing. I’m almost sure we’re going to see that video again tonight, in a more detailed, non-outtake-y way….

Lost 4-12 : There’s no place like home (1)
May 16, 2008, 2:15 pm
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There’s not place like home indeed.
What a rewarding episode, considering it’s just part 1 of a 3-part finale. I was expecting merely a setup episode, which I got – but with so much more.

  • The reason why this works well, is that, while being strictly a setup episode when it comes to on-island action, there’s a lot going on in the flash forwards. How rewarding is it to see the survivors come back home, see their families and loved ones (expect for kate — sad)! Not to mention the numbers coming back, sayid and nadia’s reunion, Sun’s amazing faceoff with her dad, and jack finally finding out about claire ! Wow ! this felt like a series finale.
  • I’ll add that awkward press conference, where the survivors are giving the other ashamed looks as they perpetuate the lie… very powerful scene. These Oceanic corporate dudes are creepy, and seem to be tied to the army. Charles Widmore has got to be behind all this.
  • Also great was the appearance of the Others. the real ones. the badass ones. Finally we’ll start getting a sense of who they are and whether they have four toes or not (!). Maybe we’ll even get a glimpse of the temple.
  • the orchid is finally here ! Can’t wait to  see how that whole thing turns out.  How do you “move” the island ? Are we going to see a new Marvin Candle video ? and what about those rabbits ?
  • one of the best moments : Sun stands up to her father with that amazing assertive look of hers. She looks gorgeous in that scene by the way
  • Best Line (not sure about the exact quote) : “How many times to I have to tell you John, that I ALWAYS have a plan”.

It seems like there are like 50 storylines to follow during that finale, all of which are really intense and promising : the freighters and C4, jack and sawyer heading to the orchid, Ben surrendering, Locke going rogue, sun trying to escape the ship (Michael), Kate and Sayid being “arrested” by the others… not to mention all the oceanic flash forwards

and WHO IS IN THAT COFFIN ? It’s about time we found out. I have a feeling it’s going to be ben (which doesn’t mean that his character is out of the show)….