Lost 504 : The Little Prince
February 6, 2009, 10:14 am
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Man does this show blow my mind every week.
Great plot twists this week, but also great character development. The perfect combo.

highlights :

  • why do we suddenly think Sun is a huge C*nt ?
  • Ben, again, shows off how impressively powerful he is (on or off-island). He has connections everywhere and I did not see that lawyer thing coming. They all fooled us with Claire’s Mom.
  • Sayid kicks some serious butt in that hospital
  • Sawyer gets emotional. I almost laughed at some of the facial expressions he had this episode. He is Kate’s true love. and he deserves her. Even though I’d dig some Sawyer/Juliet action. Also, that scene in the woods, where Claire gives birth, was very strong (and the genius of it is that it also acted as a reinforcement of how attached to Aaron Kate is. she actually delivered him).
  • Jin !!! Jin ??? 50 years go ?? Danielle Rousseau ? Wait, he’s not dead ? Crazzzzyyyyyyyy
  • Nosebleed fest. The “real world” gang had better make it before hte 70 hours run out. It seems like the nosebleeds are occurring in order of “how long you were on the island”. So logically : Charlotte—-Miles—–Juliet—–and next up is sawyer and Locke. Daniel, I guess, is safe because he has a constant (Desmond).
  • Again, Danielle Rousseau ! Now that’s a smart way to bring her back in the picture. I can’t wait to learn more about her group, and WHY they are here. We now know she wasn’t lying about their boat being stuck in a storm. But where they aiming to reach the island or not ? Obviously we had all guessed it was her the second we heard french.
  • If you hear carefully, you can hear a recording of the numbers on the french teams radio. Danielle had said that the numbers were transmitting and they had caught it on radio. Again, she wasn’t lying.
  • I guess something was cleared out in this episode : whatever objects you are holding/touching travel in time with you : the kayak, Jin’s “debris” raft, the clothes, etc… even though they may not even exist in the time period you travel to.
  • A new airline/ From India. I bet they’re Dharma people that came back to island. This scene was in the future and we’re going to see more of it. Also, Juliet shot at them and I’m sure I saw someone get hit. I’m sure we’ll see that scene in a later episode and find out who Juliet Killed. I just hope it’s not someone we love.
  • Great ending cliffhanger : Danielle, Sun’s gun, time is running out, etc… can’t wait for next week. I just hope Ben doesn’t die. He could (they don’t need him alive, they just need his body on the island, just like Locke’s).
  • Line of the episode : “Time travel’s a bitch!”

there’s more, but I don’t feel like writing more. 🙂